Kids’ Wellness Tracker


Is there a charge to download the Kids’ Wellness Tracker?
No, this is a free app available on the App Store℠ and Google Play™.
Can this app be downloaded on all Apple® and Android™ devices?
This app is optimized for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones. However, it is compatible with iPhone® 3G, iPhone® 4, iPhone® 4S, iPhone® 5, iPod touch® (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation), and iPad®, iPad® 2, and iPad® mini, as well as Android™ devices running version 2.3 and up.
Why are some of the options disabled on the main menu?
To access all of the features of Kids’ Wellness Tracker, you must first create and save a child’s profile. Select the (+) button from the top right of the home screen to get started.
Where can I find the list of indicated products for my child’s age and weight?
For information about appropriate products for your child’s age and weight, visit the product information page on or talk to your healthcare professional.
Why aren’t all pediatric products highlighted in the dosing calculator?
You will only see the products that correspond to the weight and age of your child listed in the dosing calculator. The products listed are also based on their availability.
How can I receive dosing instructions on the Kids’ Wellness Tracker app from my healthcare professional?
Your healthcare professional needs to use the new app designed for healthcare professionals called Mobile Health Pro to email dosing instructions to you. Opening the link within that email will save the dosing instructions into Kids’ Wellness Tracker. Talk to your pediatric healthcare professional about using Mobile Health Pro.
Why can’t I see dosing calculations highlighted on the dosing calculator page?
To receive dosing calculations, you need to create a profile for your child first. After you create a profile, confirm your child’s age and weight and follow the dosing calculator instructions.
How do I calculate in kg?
To calculate in kg (kilograms), go to “My Settings” from the home screen and select “Metric” as your units of measure.
I’ve forgotten my PIN or would like to change it. How do I reset it?
For your added security, we only store your PIN within the app itself. In order to reset your PIN, you will need to delete the app and then reinstall it. For Apple devices, visit the App Store℠. For Android devices, visit Google Play™.
How do I back up my stored information?
To maintain your privacy and security, Kids’ Wellness Tracker only stores your personal information on your device. Backing up your device regularly can help prevent data loss if your device is lost or damaged.
How do I turn off the Symptom Reminder?
To turn off the Symptom Reminder, select the symptom you set the reminder for and choose “Delete” to end it.
What are reports?
You can create and save reports from the information you’ve previously entered into your children’s trackers. Reports can include medicines, vaccines, and symptoms for the date ranges that you choose. Reports can be opened in other apps on your device that are capable of viewing PDFs, like Adobe Reader and iBooks.
Do you store or copy my private information?
We do not store or copy any of your personal information. Everything that you enter is stored exclusively on your device.

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