Kids’ Wellness Tracker

Your child’s health at your fingertips

This FREE all-in-one app brings together the tools you need to help manage your children’s health information more easily.

Build your children’s custom profiles — You’ll have their health histories right at your fingertips to review with your pediatrician.

Available for iPhone® and Android™
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Here’s why you’ll find Kids’ Wellness Tracker so helpful:

Height, Weight, & BMI Trackers

Chart your children’s progress as they grow.

Vaccine Tracker

Track which shots your children have had and when, so you can plan ahead for doctor’s visits.

Medicine Tracker

Store your children’s medicine information in one place.

Symptom Tracker

Record temperature and symptoms to build your children’s health histories, and set reminders to help track fever, temperature, and symptoms.


Create reports based on the information that you’ve saved in your children’s trackers to review with your pediatrician.

Dosing Calculator

Find the correct dose for pediatric TYLENOL® and pediatric MOTRIN® products.

Learning Resources

Now available in 7 languages! Build your knowledge about common childhood conditions with easy-to-read information on topics including:
  • Infant Crying and Gas
  • Ear Infections
  • Treating Fever
  • Taking Your Child’s Temperature


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